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About Us

Values and Ethos

At Eastfield Primary School we offer boys and girls an excellent education in all subjects, but with a creative flair that children and parents love.

Eastfield is a large school, happy and stimulating with a great deal to offer. The school is made up of pupils, parents, staff (teaching and non-teaching), governors and volunteer helpers. Every member of the school community feels valued, needed and of equal importance and all work together on shared aims.

As a Restorative Community’ , you will see us:

· Treating each other with respect and promoting tolerance, fairness and understanding.

· Promoting the safety and welfare of all children by nurturing social and emotional security.

· Fostering high quality learning experiences which excite and motivate children in the classroom and beyond.

· Continuously improving and taking on new challenges.

· Embrace our SMART values within school. They are to have or be SAFE, MOTIVATED, ACHIEVE, RESTORATIVE and TEAMWORK.

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