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SMART Values

The SMART Eastfield Values connects our children, parents, staff and the wider community, and guides and comforts our pupils on their journey from Foundation to Year 6 – and beyond.

We have high expectations of our children and strive to maintain our tradition of excellence in their education, behaviour and care.

At Eastfield Primary School and Nursery we ensure we are all SMART. It represents our values of being: 







Pupils live our values everyday and develop our SMART values with pride.

Being SMART isnt just about being well dressed or clever. It is about developing values that ensure we are:

  • safe in all aspects of life. 
  • motivated to learn. 
  • achieve and have aspirations.
  • are restorative and respectful and build relationships.
  • develop teamwork and trust.    

Our colourful and vibrant community aims to nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

We set challenging targets for pupils of all ages, encouraging them to use their imagination and to think creatively.

Our exciting, dynamic and innovative curriculum is adapted to the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.

We celebrate the achievements of our pupils, who thrive in our stimulating learning environment. As a result, our pupils excel in the Arts and perform outstandingly well in English, Mathematics, ICT, PE and Science.

Ultimately, our aim is to give your child a head start and prepare them for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Everyone wants to be SMART!

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