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PEGI Gaming Guidance

PEGI provides advice regarding the age suitability of a game. However, every child is different. Ultimately parents should decide what their children are capable of viewing or experiencing. Here are a few tips:

  • Always look for the age classification on the game package or via the search engine on this website.
  • Try to look for a summary or review of the game content or ideally play the game yourself first.
  • Play video games with your children, watch over them when they play and talk with them about the games they play. Explain why certain games are not suitable.
  • Be aware that online games sometimes enable the download of extra software that can alter the game content and eventually the age classification of the game.
  • Online games are usually played in virtual communities requiring players to interact with unknown fellow players. Tell your children not to give out personal details and report inappropriate behaviour.
  • Set the limits by using the parental control tools of the game console or pc.


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Parental Control Tools

All gaming consoles, handheld devices and operating systems for PC and Mac are equipped with parental control systems, allowing parents to protect their childrens privacy and online safety according to various parameters. With these control tools, parents can:

  • select which games children are allowed to play (based on the PEGI age ratings)
  • control and monitor the use of digital purchases
  • limit access to an internet browser by applying a filter
  • control the amount of time that children can spend playing games
  • control the level of online interaction (chat) and exchange of data (text messages, user-generated content)

Click on the image below to find specific information about parental control tools on specific gaming platforms.

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In-game purchases

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